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  • Collaboration

    Posted by Carol Geving — EFE at 4/25/2017

    A huge THANK YOU to Amy Simmons (Communications) and the Print Shop staff! They are always very gracious with our requests. I really appreciate them getting documents back to us so quickly.

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  • Collaboration • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Laurie Longcore — Special Education at 4/10/2017

    In mid February, Jennifer Lim (MiTech) responded to my MiTech ticket for our tech needs to host a two day virtual conference. During the entire process, Jennifer showed amazing tech skills and patience. We made a room change on the morning of the first day and Jennifer was very accommodating. There was an issue logging in to the site on day one. Jennifer contacted the outside tech department, and in a very professional manner worked though the issue with the technician. She also went above and beyond putting electronic handout material for both days on the desktop for quick reference. On day two, Jennifer logged us in to be sure we would not have the difficulties of the first day. She checked in periodically on both days to be sure all was going well. Jennifer is a great example of the professionalism in our MiTech Department. Jennifer, Kudos to you!

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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Respect

    Posted by Adam Danapilis — Young Adult Program at 4/7/2017

    I want to thank Larry McCullen (Young Adult Program) for his creative and fun team building activities that were part of our professional development on March 30. His willingness to take time to plan the activities, develop routines for staff to follow, and then to get all staff engaged to tackle the 2 activities was inspiring and appreciated by all. It was reported by staff that this was there favorite part of the professional development. Larry, keep up the good work and thank you for your contributions to YAP.

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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Diane Connell — Head Start at 3/28/2017

    I needed to have the file cabinet in our classroom re-keyed since the key was nowhere to be found. I tried to submit a work order, but had some trouble, so put it on my list of things to do for later in the week. Well, the very next day, James Tribu (Maintenance) was in our building doing some work for other Head Start teachers. Seeing his name badge, I caught him in the hall and asked him about my file cabinet. He came in, looked at it, and told me he would take care of it. The very next day, the new key to my now lockable file cabinet was there. I really appreciate how he just did what needed to be done!

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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by John Burns — MiCase at 3/10/2017

    During the recent Windstorm - which resulted in many outages... The members of MiCase jumped in as soon as systems were available to begin recovery. Most systems were back online by School start and the balance... before lunch time.

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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Staff — Angling Road Elementary at 2/9/2017

    Millie Mwayi (WoodsEdge Learning Center) has moved mountains and brought center and balance to our whole elementary team during a very stressful time. Thank you, Millie, for your time, dedication and beautiful heart!

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  • Collaboration • Compassion • Respect

    Posted by Marie Sephens — Human Resources at 1/11/2017

    Everyone at the Service center has made me feel so welcome. The Human Resources team has gone above and beyond to help me get to know my job and be successful. They always are quick to help when I have a question and really make me feel like I am part of the team!

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  • Innovation • Compassion

    Posted by Missi Petro — Woodsedge Learning Center at 1/10/2017

    A Little over a month ago I locked my keys in my car and asked if Scott Markillie (Maintenance) had any tools I could use to retrieve my keys. It was just above freezing and pouring rain that day. He said to not worry he could help unless he got another call. He then spent the better part of an hour standing in the freezing rain attempting to get my keys for me and succeeded. Scott is always willing to help staff in any way. I'm aware my request was not in his job description and he went above and beyond to help and I'm very appreciative of his kindness.

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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by April Goodwin — Head Start at 12/16/2016

    Thursday night, Dec. 15 we had a team of staff from the various Head Start sites that braved the weather to provide a wonderful evening for our families for the Family Art Night. Parents were invited out to the gym at Faith Temple to have a night making gingerbread houses and having dinner together. I would especially like to thank the team from the Comstock site for helping me plan such a wonderful night despite the weather. Kudos to our WMU interns Jenna VanSpronsen and Meredith Farrer for working as team to put all the materials together in order for the families to make the gingerbread houses. As I always say "Team Work makes the Dream Work". Thanks again for being an amazing team!!

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  • Innovation

    Posted by Leslie Brewer — WoodsEdge Learning Center at 12/9/2016

    Our classroom has been having troubles with heating issues. Gary Wheeler (Maintenance) has worked tirelessly to fix our problem. Finally, he has found a solution and saved us from overheating!!!! We are grateful for his hard work and all his effort!!! Thank you so much Gary!!!!!

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