• EFA Presents! Program

    Explore the wonderful works of art available on the 2022-2023 EFA Rep.

    Featuring artists from Australia to Canada and Austin to Chicago, EFA Presents! provides schools with easy access to performances and visual arts exhibitions from around the world.  These acclaimed works of art are available to eligible schools at little to no cost, depending on student grade level and the individual work of art.  EFA includes educational prep materials and a partial K-8 bus rebate to assist with field trip transportation.

    PreK Classrooms | Special Invitation to ZOOOM by Patch Theatre

    While EFA Presents! typically serves K-12 students, EFA is delighted to extend a special invitation for PreK students (ages 4 and older) to attend ZOOOM by Patch Theatre. Admission is free and the  bus rebate applies.

    Elementary and Middle Schools | Limited Free Admission

    In May 2007, the superintendents of the ten area school districts approved the EFA Presents! Admission Credit in recognition of the importance of maintaining access to high-quality arts education programming during difficult economic times. Since 2007, the exciting initiative has provided free admission for more than 138,000 students to experience world-class works of art.

    Elementary and middle schools receive one admission credit per enrolled K-8 student. For example, a school with 300 students receives 300 admission credits for the school year. The credits may be redeemed for free admission to any combination of works of art available on the EFA Rep. Free admission is granted in the order in which school reservation requests are received and until shows are sold out. The bus rebate applies to all K-8 EFA Presents! field trips.

    One student attending a work of art equals the use of one admission credit unless otherwise noted. For example, guided tours of Blended Narratives: Works by EFA Teaching Artists and Art, Music & Feminism in the 1950s do not count as using admission credits. The Tales Told Through Art traveling exhibition uses a flat rate of fifty admission credits per school.

    If a K-8 school uses all of its credits for the school year, but wants to attend additional works of art, it may purchase extra admissions at a cost of only $2 per student for performing arts field trips and $100 per school for the Tales Told Through Art traveling exhibition. To ensure every student has the opportunity to participate, priority will be given to schools using their free ticket allotment before purchased tickets are granted.

    High Schools | Subsidized Admission Fee 

    High schools may purchase admission at a heavily subsidized rate for most works of art. Admission costs $2 per student for performing arts field trips and $100 per school for the Tales Told Through Art traveling exhibition. Admission is free for two visual arts exhibitions: Blended Narratives: Works by EFA Teaching Artists and Art, Music & Feminism in the 1950s. The bus rebate does not apply to high school field trips.


    For more information about EFA Presents!, call Deb Strickland at (269) 250-9393. Information and previews of the works of art can be found at www.efa-rep.org.