• Grant Programs

    EFA students
    EFA annually awards $205,000 in Arts Education Grants to schools, teachers/artists and students.

    Grant Information and Applications

    EFA grant applications will be available starting December 1.


    Grant Due Dates

    Irving S. Gilmore Student Scholarships: January 23, 2025
    Irving S. Gilmore Student Artistic Equipment Scholarships: February 27, 2025
    EFA Project Grants to Schools: March 27, 2025
    EFA Artistic Development Grants to Educators: March 27, 2025

    EFA Student Scholarship Questions?

    Contact Bryan Zocher at bryan.zocher@kresa.org or by phone at 269-250-9243.
    Funding for EFA Grant Programs are provided by The Irving S. Gilmore Foundation.
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