• Get involved today to strengthen the workforce of tomorrow!

    Dedicated to enhancing our region's vitality, Kalamazoo RESA is taking a reinvigorated and cohesive approach to career and talent development in Kalamazoo County. We are strengthening the education-to-career pipeline by engaging employers to create a network of opportunity that equips a multi-generational workforce for success. 

    Kalamazoo RESA is laser-focused on helping employers connect with the next generation of talent to develop a highly trained, engaged and diverse workforce, supporting economic prosperity and opportunity for all. 

    From work-based learning and collaborative opportunities, to aligning K-12+ curriculum that meets the needs of employers and much more, there are a multitude of ways for employers to partner with Kalamazoo RESA to help the next generation of talent in Kalamazoo County become workforce-ready.

    Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Kalamazoo RESA Career & Technical Education (CTE) equips K-12 students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in well-paying, high-demand careers.

    • Direct engagement with the emerging workforce
    • Align credential and certification opportunities with workforce needs
    • Advisory Council   

    Career Awareness & Exploration (CAE)

    The elementary and middle school curriculum and experiences component of Career Connect, Career Awareness & Exploration (CAE) helps students see what they can be at an earlier age, while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of and teaching 21st Century job skills in the workplace.

    • Engagement with young learners 
    • Align K-8 curriculum with workforce needs and 21st Century job skills

    Work-Based Learning

    Formerly known as Cooperative Education or co-op, Work-Based Learning is an opportunity for students to gain on-the-job experience and career skills in a mutually beneficial employer partnership.

    • Direct access to qualified, skilled workers
    • Potential for long-term employees