On-Site Education

  • Education ReConnection

    High School Diploma program (year-round) 

    Education ReConnection started in September 2013. Since its inception, nine local school districts have partnered with us through a Consortium Agreement. 

    The ideal candidate for this program is someone who needs to be reconnected with high school. Students must be out of school for six months and between the age of 16-22. 

    Education ReConnection allows students to remain enrolled in their school district while attending YOU to complete their credits. A credit analysis, transcript, and completed program application must be sent to our classroom teacher, Onika Powell, who works with the student to complete each class needed through GradPoint

    In 2018-19, we enrolled 36 students and had 12 individuals graduate from their respective high schools. 

    Credit Recovery (year-round) 

    High school students who are behind on credits can attend Credit Recovery at YOU to get caught up. Students are referred by their high school counselors to enroll in this program. 

    Students use GradPoint for the curriculum and our classroom teacher, Onika Powell, works with students to complete classes. Completed credits are then sent to the guidance counselor. We offer all classes needed for students to graduate. In the 2018-19 academic year, a total of 88.5 half credits were earned. 

    Our approach to education is a bit different.

    • One-on-one learning between student and teacher
    • Access to career coaches on-site
    • Paid internship opportunities
    • Hybrid model between in-person and virtual learning