• Aesthetic Education Program


    Modeled on the essential principles of the internationally acclaimed Lincoln Center Institute in New York City, EFA’s Aesthetic Education Program provides more than 4,000 students and 200 classrooms teachers in Kalamazoo County with a rich investigation of high-quality works of art through discovery-based preparatory and viewing experiences. A philosophically-based program, Aesthetic Education is grounded in the voices of philosophers such as Maxine Greene, Howard Gardener, and John Dewey.
    The Aesthetic Education (AE) Program functions within a collaborative partnership between EFA teaching artists and Aesthetic Education-trained classroom teachers. Working together, classroom teachers and teaching artist develop and implement inquiry-based, experiential units of study around specific works of art that students analyze and interpret. These units are designed to highlight the possible relationships between an artist’s choices and the viewer’s aesthetic response. Through participatory activities and reflections, students further develop their capacities for observation, analysis, questioning, and meaning making allowing them to deeply engage with and experience works of art while also making connections to their personal lived experiences, the outside world, and beyond.


    For more information, call Kevin Dodd at (269) 250-9391. 

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    This activity is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.