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    Rules and Guidelines



    Transportation Coordinator

    Kris DeRyder  269-370-4533


    1. Rules that apply in your home district will also apply when riding a bus belonging to another district. It is a privilege to ride the bus to EFE, EFA, and KAMSC programs, please treat it as such.
    2. As on any bus or hub location, smoking, fighting, drug use, profanity or breaking any other rule in your school’s code of conduct will result in disciplinary action. Suspension from an EFE or EFA shuttle will also equal a suspension from your home to school bus in your local district.
    3. Due to the fact that many students will be traveling over a lunch period, eating will be allowed on the bus, at the discretion of the driver. Please make sure to clean up after yourself. Failure to do so may result in the loss of this privilege.
    4. Your bus driver will do his or her best to run at the posted times every day. It is your responsibility to be ready to board your bus at the posted time and designated location. The bus cannot wait if you are running late, and will not come back for you.
    5. EFE and EFA buses will continue to make stops at the posted locations as long as students are riding. If, for a period of three days, there are no students riding to or from a particular stop, that portion of the shuttle will be dropped. Dropped shuttles will not be added back onto a route. 
    6. Make sure to call and notify your driver if you are going to be absent for three consecutive days. Failure to do so will result in your shuttle being cancelled. Shuttles that are cancelled will not be reinstated.
    7. Shuttles are not seasonal. Routes that are set up at the beginning of the school year will run throughout the school year, unless they are dropped due to lack of students. Additional shuttles, or shuttles that have been cancelled, will not be added due to student’s personal transportation issues; nor will they be added due to inclement weather.                                                   

    NOTE:  This document needs to be read and adhered to by ALL students participating in the bus hub for the 2013-2014 school year.  In good faith, all students will receive this document and have read these statements.  Any student and or parent/guardian not agreeing with this document MUST state their concern, within the first two weeks of school by contacting their local school district’s Director of Transportation