• 47.0604 Automotive Technician — 1st Edition

    47.0604 Automotive Technician Segmented Standards
    Algebra II Standards Alignment
    Section 3   
    File Naming Conventions
    Electrical Circuits and Ohm’s Law
    Depreciation of Equipment in the Automotive Shop
    Servicing Wheels-Determining Various Tire and Wheel Sizes and Measurements
    Calculating the Cornering Force (lateral G-force) of a Vehicle Using Skid Pad Testing
    Finding Appropriate Models to Represent Data of Braking Distance
    Permutations and Combinations in the Automotive Field
    Calculating the Parabolic Maximums
    Absolute Value inequalities in Automotive Systems
    Sample Space and Probability in Life
    Linear Suspension System Spring Calculations
    Engine Compression and Ratios and Building an Engine
    Impedance in an Electrical Circuit and the Use of Complex Numbers 
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