• 15.0000 Engineering General — 1st Edition

    15.0000 Engineering General Segmented Standards
    Algebra II Standards Alignment
    File Naming Conventions
    Beverage Container Design
    Resistance Voltage Current Power
    Dimensioning and Calculating Tolerance Fits
    Bracket Design with Finite Element Analysis
    Bridge and Road Construction/Distance Formula
    Cooler Design
    Catapult Design
    Fun with Functions
    Lesson 11   
    Series and Parallel Circuits
    Lesson 12   
    C ++ Programming: Arrays and Sorting
    Lesson 13    
    CNC Programming
    Lesson 14    
    Force Vectors
    Newton’s Law of Motion and Torque Related to Gears
    Lesson 16    
    Introduction to Descriptive Geometry: True Distance Between Two Points
    Complete listing of all EMIT CIP Algebra II lesson plan documents