• Law Enforcement

    Through a partnership between KVCC, Kalamazoo RESA and Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (KDPS), this program offers a very unique, non-traditional opportunity to high school juniors and seniors. EFE's Law Enforcement program is taught by a Public Safety Officer (PSO) and includes several guest speakers from throughout the criminal justice profession.

    Credits & Certifications

    • 2nd World Language Credit
    • 3rd Science Credit
    • College Credit: Baker College, Davenport University, Ferris State University, Kalamazoo Valley Community College
    • Certifications: First Aid & CPR Training

    Eligibility & Prerequisites

    • This course is available to 11th and 12th grade students
    • Dress code
    • Hair Requirement: Males — Hair must be cut no longer than 1 ½ inches; Females — Hair tied back
    • Course includes physical training
    • Unlawful behavior may result in exclusion or removal from the program

    Career Opportunities

    • Corrections Officer
    • Police Officer
    • Fire Fighter
    • Security Detail
    • Detective


    "The Law Enforcement EFE program made me realize how fun and interesting it is to be a police officer. It also showed me that the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety is a great department, full of great people. This program put me on the path to where I am today, a KDPS Public Safety Officer." — Devin Palmer, former EFE Law Enforcement student