• Business Partners Overview

    "Human capital is the number one business challenge." ~ Tom Donohue, Former President and CEO —  US Chamber of Commerce

    Want input into your future employee’s training?

    Interested in making a difference? Need a connection for locating trained employees for your type of business? Annually Education for Employment prepares approximately 3,500 Kalamazoo County Students with career training in specialized occupational fields. Get involved and influence career training education for your business needs.

    non trad student How can you get involved?

    • Participate in EFE Council
    • Participate in a specific career pathway advisory committee
    • Donate Scholarship funding for an Outstanding Senior(s) and attend annual Outstanding Senior Breakfast
    • Donate equipment for EFE programs
    • Provide a guest speaker for EFE classrooms—i.e., soft skills employers desire or interviewing techniques
    • Provide a career externship for students—i.e., job shadow/field trip
    • Participate as an internship, apprenticeship or work-based learning site for EFE students
    • Participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) initiatives
    • Participate in student career fairs/expos—Job Fair, Nontraditional Career Fair, 8th grade Career Fair, etc.
    Want to get involved? Simply contact us by filling out the EFE contact form.
    Interested in hiring work-based learning students? Fill out the CTE Work-Based Learning New job Form
    "As a business partner it is extremely gratifying to be able to provide a work environment opportunity to a student. There are numerous facets to the "real" work world that cannot be simulated in the classroom.  Over the past several years it has been my pleasure to be a business partner with EFE. I have had the opportunity to work with this reputable program in a variety of areas: program volunteer; parent of enrolled students; and business partner sponsoring student employees." ~ Ann Wooley, HR Director — Dimplex Thermal Solutions