• 48.0501 Machine Tool Technology — 1st Edition

    48.0501 Machine Tool Technology Segmented Standards
    Algebra II Standards Alignment
    File Naming Conventions
    The Milling Drilling Exercise
    Revolutions per Minute and Feed Rate Formula Usage to Find Missing Information
    Solving For a Bolt Hole Circle
    How Many Different Permutations of Screw Jacks Can We Make?
    Measuring Threads Using the Three Wire Method
    Figuring Out the Waste Material While Machining Gaming Dice
    Find Missing Information on Prints Using the Slope and Distance Formula
    Finding the Center Distance Between Gears
    At What Point Will a Company Make Money? Where is the Breakeven Point of a Product?
    How to Get the "Lead" In
    Lesson 11   
    Finding a Number Screw Size Using the Domain 0-12
    Lesson 12   
    Center Drill Depths and Countersink Achieved
    Lesson 13    
    Use Sine/Inverse to Solve Machine Angles on a Morse, Jarno, and Jacobs Tapers
    Lesson 14    
    Linear and Rational and Sine, OH MY!
    Identifying Coefficients and Interpreting Parts of an Expression in Machining Formulas and Conversions
    Lesson 16    
    Hammering Those Vectors
    Lesson 17       
    Quality-Measuring a 1/2-13 Class 1 Major Diameter
    Lesson 18        
    Quality-Statistical Process Control
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