• 15.1306 Mechanical Drafting — 1st Edition

    15.1306 Mechanical Drafting Segmented Standards
    Algebra II Standards Alignment
    Section 3   
    File Naming Conventions
    Portable Tree Step Design Challenge
    Personal Logo Design for a Title Block — Using Modeling Functions
    Bridge Building Section 1 of 4: Effects Geometric Parameters (Length, Width, and Height) on Deflection of a Beam
    Ohm's Law
    Micro Electric Vehicle Challenge
    Part Cost Analysis Given Research Variables
    Threads and Fasteners
    Determine the Strength of a 1" x 2" x 3" Plate
    Development of Radial Hole Pattern Arrays
    Logo Design
    Creating "Design Tables"  Parametric Models
    Pascal's Law
    Lesson 13   
    Race Calculations of Speed and/or Distance, Slope of a Racing Surface
    Lesson 14    
    Calculating Vectors Using Robots
    Lesson 15    
    Trailer Weight Calculations
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