• Cooperative Education (Co-Op)


    Cooperative Education is an opportunity for students to “earn while they learn.”  Co-op is a method of instruction, through written cooperative arrangements between school and employers, providing students with an opportunity to extend their Career/Technical Education preparation beyond the classroom.

    Students who have completed at least 50% of an Education for Employment class can gain valuable work experience, while earning both money and high school credit.  It’s a great opportunity to increase awareness of the broad spectrum of occupations in an area of interest, and practice teamwork in the real working world while developing positive work attitudes and habits.

    Participating students shall:

    • Be employed in a coordinator-approved work setting,
    • Work 10-15 hours per week in class-related, legal employment,
    • Receive release time from school, school credit, on-the-job training, and pay, and
    • Will be evaluated every marking period by his/her employer.