• Engineering in Wood Technology

    Engineering in Wood Technology is a course that covers the rudimentary techniques of woodworking and cabinetmaking in relation to industry. This class provides true differentiated training for the real-world of manufacturing and industry, with student directed studies ranging from areas of programming and operation of CNCs, laser engraving and even 3D printing technologies to rustic woodworking using traditional tools such as Japanese pull saws or hand lathes. This course offers higher-level training in management and student leadership via a complex student-run student-led class structure. Students after leaving this class present skills applicable in all walks of life and will be career or college ready.

    Credits & Certifications

    • 2nd World Language Credit
    • 3rd Science Credit
    • 4th Related Math Credit
    • Visual Performing & Applied Arts Credit
    • College Credit: Michigan Career & Technical Institute

    Eligibility & Prerequisites

    • This course is available to 10th-12th grade students

    Career Opportunities

    • Carpenter
    • Furniture Designer
    • Furniture Restorer
    • Woodworker


    "Learning how to make woodworking projects taught me the value of hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. There is no other feeling like it!" — Alex Hicks, Portage Northern High School