• Marketing & Entrepreneurship

    Marketing is the process of planning, pricing, promoting, selling and distributing ideas, goods or services to create exchanges that satisfy a customer. Course work teaches the principles of advertising, display, sales, merchandising, economics and marketing in a global economy. Students train in techniques that businesses and organizations use to persuade consumers to buy products or use services. Students will learn about types of social media and the social media strategies businesses utilize to meet their marketing goals. This exciting course teaches many transferable skills that students can use immediately in the workplace or to pursue a business degree at a postsecondary institution.

    Credits & Certifications

    • 2nd World Language Credit
    • 3rd Science Credit
    • 4th Related Math Credit
    • Visual Performing & Applied Arts Credit
    • College Credit: Baker College, Davenport University, Kalamazoo Valley Community College

    Eligibility & Prerequisites

    • None

    Career Opportunities

    • Advertising Representative
    • Public Relations
    • Social Media Manager
    • Entrepreneur
    • Sales & Marketing


    "I found a great job as a marketing assistant for a nonprofit organization, and the skills I have acquired from this class make my job so much easier." — Logan Dankert, Comstock High School