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Kalamazoo RESA's Kristen Garceau Promotes Career Readiness at Career Week

Kalamazoo RESA’s Career Readiness Coordinator Kristen Garceau led career development during Career Week at Portage Central Middle School on Monday-Friday, May 14-18.

Garceau helped students in Ms. Lisa Roy’s class connect their interests with careers, discussed educational possibilities and facilitated a “Where Can I work?” simulation.

In collaboration with Western Michigan University’s Financial Aid/Outreach department, students also experienced Xtreme Financial Reality, an interactive financial literacy experience which features financial choices from a career and post-secondary education perspective, with WMU’s Assistant Director of Outreach Carol Mountjoy.

“We truly believe that students need to know what they can be before they have to choose what they will be,” said Kalamazoo RESA Career Readiness Coordinator Kristen Garceau. “Career readiness is about developing self-awareness, which then leads to option-awareness. We don’t just want these students to pick a college or school, we want to help them develop a plan for success.”

A very special thank you to all who helped make this important experience possible for these Portage Central Middle School students.

The Kalamazoo RESA Career Readiness Initiative supports K-12 students in their development of self-awareness and career exploration as they define their individualized plans for success. The Career Readiness team works directly with teachers to enhance their existing curriculum so that students are able to understand the connection between coursework and careers at every grade level. Additionally, the team also collaborates with local businesses, community members and school districts to create experiences and opportunities that will help students connect with careers.

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