• Integrating Algebra II into CTE Grant Project
    Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (EMIT) Programs
    Public Act 208, Approved June 25, 2014) through state approved career and technical education (CTE). Per the Michigan Department of Education Collaborative Teaching Model Guidelines (MCL 380.1278b(7)) core academic credit may be awarded to CTE students.
    The Michigan Department of Education funded the 2014-2015 Delivering Michigan Merit Curriculum Algebra II Standards Through State Approved Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (EMIT) Programs Utilizing the Collaborative Teaching Model Grant Project. The purpose of this grant project, administered through Kalamazoo RESA in collaboration with educator participants, is to integrate the Michigan Merit Curriculum assessed Algebra II academic standards into CTE instructional programs so that students can be awarded academic credit.
    Kalamazoo RESA is the fiscal agent for the grant project funded through a Michigan Department of Education Grant in collaboration with statewide highly qualified Algebra II educators and state approved Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Pathway CTE Instructors. 
    Lesson Format

    Based on the highly successful Math-in-CTE system developed by the National Research Center for Career & Technical Education (NRCCTE), the Algebra II integration into CTE grant project paired highly qualified math teachers and approved EMIT Pathway CTE teachers to identify Algebra II assessed standards that could be incorporated and aligned into the curriculum. Using the Math-in-CTE collaboration and lesson (Seven Element Lesson) model, the educators developed resources and lesson plans that will be used statewide. EMIT CTE teachers will schedule and teach the Algebra II enhanced lessons throughout the school year. The alignment and subsequent lessons were rolled out at a one day train the trainer workshop on Aug, 17, 2015 allowing for additional EMIT programs to implement the integrated Algebra II aligned curriculum and train additional teachers in their district, county, or ISD.


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