• Kalamazoo County Early/Middle College (EMC) is an innovative early college program, which gives students the opportunity to earn an associate degree or certificate with an additional year of high school.

    Throughout their educational plan, EMC students are gradually introduced to college courses over a five-year span with the ninth-grade year being comprised solely of traditional high school classes.

    Students interested in EMC should be highly motivated and ready for the challenge of completing college-level courses while in high school.


    “What I like most about being in the EMC program is being able to experience the responsibilities of a college student while still being in high school. I think it makes the transition from being a teenager to being an adult a lot smoother,” -Ariel Smedley, Multimedia & Video student.


    Programs are available in the following areas:

    Associate of Degrees of Applied Science (AAS)
    AAS degrees are occupational in orientation and are designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment. They require successful completion of a minimum of 62 credit hours.

    Certificates (CERT)
    Certificate programs prepare graduates for a specialized occupation. They require successful completion of 30 credit hours or more.

    Certificates of Achievement (COA)
    COA programs require fewer courses than a regular certification program providing training in a specific set of skills for employment in a specific occupation. They require successful completion of more than three, but less than 30 hours of credit.

    Transfer Degrees in Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS)
    AA or AS degrees are for students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. They require successful completion of a minimum of 62 credit hours.

    Interested students should refer to the Programs of Study for specific program options.

KRESA High School Classes

  • KRESA offers free classes to all Kalamazoo County students through their local high school. Check out programs in career preparation, the arts, and early college credit. For more information, go to kresa.org/apply