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Career Connect Summer Programs

  • Summer is the perfect time to dive into new experiences, gain skills and get a head start on your future career path. Whether you're in school or a graduate, Career Connect offers a range of programs tailored to your age and career aspirations. Explore our programs and find the perfect fit for you! 

    MyCITY (Ages 14-24)
    Paid Career Exploration and Hands-on Work Experience

    Are you ready to transform your summer into a season of growth, learning, and meaningful connections? MyCITY invites you to seize this opportunity to not only discover your career passions but to also make a real impact in your community. With MyCITY, you will: 

    • Engage in Interactive Workshops: Participate in dynamic workshops designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge for personal and professional growth. 
    • Connect with Industry Leaders: Network with local employers and professionals who are eager to share their insights and guide you on your career path. 
    • Develop Real-World Skills: From effective communication to problem-solving, gain the skills that will set you apart in today's competitive job market. 

    This summer is more than just a break from school—it's your chance to step into the world of work, discover what you love, and start building the future you dream of.

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    • Email: mycity@kresa.org 
    • Phone: (269) 775-1660 


    CareerNOW (Ages 18+)
    Free Credential Training and Accelerated Career Entry

    Jumpstart your career with CareerNOW! This program is designed for graduates ready to fast-track into their chosen fields. Engage in paid short-term training and earn valuable credentials in high-demand areas such as:  

    • Certified Nurse Assistant
    • Child Development Associate and Early Childhood Education Apprenticeship
    • Also: Employability skills training, placement in training-related employment or internship, career pathway plan development and support services.

    Don’t just dream about your future—take control of your future and jumpstart your career with CareerNOW!

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    • Email: careernow@kresa.org 
    • Phone: (269) 775-1660 


    2Gen (Ages 14-19)
    Paid Family Programming for Career Pathway Planning and Community Building 

    Your family is the foundation for growth and success with 2Gen. This unique program recognizes the power family and collaboration in achieving professional aspirations and personal development. With 2Gen, you and your family will:  

    • Build Strong Bonds: Engage in activities and workshops that strengthen family relationships and provide a supportive environment for growth. 
    • Set and Achieve Goals Together: Collaborate to set realistic, attainable goals and work side-by-side to turn your shared aspirations into reality. 
    • Access Valuable Resources: Benefit from a wealth of resources, including career planning tools, educational workshops, and community networking events designed to empower each family member. 
    • Earn and Learn: Receive financial compensation for your commitment and hard work as you learn, grow, and succeed together. 


    This summer, transform your family's dynamic and embark on empowering journey together with 2Gen. Together, you'll discover new possibilities and build a legacy of success. Join the 2Gen family!

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    Career Coaching (Ages 14-24)
    Individualized Career Coaching Services 

    At Career Connect, we understand that every journey is unique. Our Career Coaching services offer personalized guidance to help you navigate the path to your professional aspirations. Our dedicated team is committed to unlocking your potential and guiding you towards your professional dreams. With personalized Career Coaching, you will:   

    • Receive Tailored Support: Benefit from one-on-one sessions where coaches understand your unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations. 
    • Develop Essential Skills: Gain invaluable skills such as resume crafting, interview techniques, and effective networking strategies, setting you apart in the job market. 
    • Create a Customized Action Plan: Collaborate with your coach to design a step-by-step plan tailored to your goals, ensuring a clear and actionable path to success. 
    • Overcome Barriers: Tackle obstacles with the support and expertise of your coach, turning challenges into stepping stones towards your career goals.

    Your path to success is unique. Career Connect’s Career Coaching could be the catalyst that propels you forward! Click here to learn more about Career Coaching.