CTE Career Center

  • The KRESA Career Center will be a centralized facility that hosts the majority of the county’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Courses at the Career Center will offer specific skill training and certifications for high school students in high-demand areas based on state and local market analysis and input. Of Michigan’s economically similar labor markets, Kalamazoo County is the only market that does not currently have a career center.

    The Career Center will be a place where realistic work environments, difficult to duplicate in a traditional school setting, will be replicated to provide a real-world work experience. Other programs will be located in smaller satellite specialty locations. Having a centralized location will resolve many of the county’s current logistical barriers to enrollment, such as transportation, and allow for better integration of academic curricula applied, upkeep of necessary equipment, and a more inclusive, work-oriented culture.

    For more information, please refer to our 2019 Report to the Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What ages/grades will be attending the Career Center?

  • What high school programs will be housed at the Career Center?

  • How did you decide what courses would be in the Career Center?

  • Where will the Career Center be located?

  • Why was this site chosen?

  • Timetable for construction

  • Didn't Kalamazoo County already pass a millage for a Career Center?

  • Is this design connected to Kalamazoo Valley Community College?

  • Will there be a makerspace, AMP space for budding businesses?

  • Is CTE the same as Education for Employment (EFE)?

  • Will the Career Center impact current programming at Wings Stadium?

  • How can I support this project or get involved?