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Longtime EFE Administrator Retires

After 39 years of working in education, and 11 years spent as a Program Administrator with Kalamazoo RESA Education for Employment (EFE), Christine Dahl is set to retire at the end of June.

During those 11 years, Dahl worked with EFE programs at Kalamazoo PublicChristine Dahl  Schools, Climax-Scotts and Schoolcraft.
Dahl cites the most exciting projects that she’s worked on at EFE as getting students ready for competitions- everything from building cars, preparing marketing presentations, and even cooking chili.
“We work hard to get students ready and prepared for those kinds of experiences,” explained Dahl. “It gives them a chance to really demonstrate what they know to someone outside of the classroom in a real-world environment.”
Her most memorable moments with EFE include the annual end of the year Outstanding Senior Awards breakfast.
“The most outstanding students from every class are honored. Parents, teachers, superintendents, public officials, everybody comes to honor these kids and what they’ve done,” beamed Dahl.
The retiring EFE administrator explained that she will most miss her colleagues and the teachers who have become friends.
Karen Robyn has worked alongside Dahl in the EFE program since 2000.
“I will miss her determined spirit, steady approach to problem solving, ability to anticipate challenges, sense of humor and creativity. The great work she has done ensures she will never be forgotten,” said Robyn.
During her retirement, Dahl looks forward to spending more time with family and friends, as well as pursuing her various hobbies. As a new “nana,” Dahl will also be busy spoiling her new, soon-to-be grandson.