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Select Education for Employment seniors lauded for career development, academics

EFE Outstanding Senior Awards
Honors were bestowed this week on 84 area high school seniors who’ve excelled in the Education for Employment (EFE) program. The 28th annual EFE Outstanding Senior Awards Ceremony at the Radisson recognized students’ achievements in career development and academics. Two EFE alumni spoke about their post-graduation success: Justin Spackman of Jeffrey Parker Architects and Joel Phillips, Faculty Clinical Specialist at Western Michigan University’s Department of Occupational Therapy. Presenters included Tim St. Onge, Vice President of Operations, Eliason Corporation; Jim Sertic, General Manager/Partner, Accro-Seal; and EFE Executive Director Deb Miller. Be sure to check out the slideshow featuring winners’ info here. Congratulations and best of luck in your future careers, seniors!