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Former EFE student to the rescue!



What would you do if you found two baby squirrels in your backyard who only moved in circles and couldn’t walk normally? When Portage Northern graduate Kelsey Skinner encountered that situation recently, she knew just who to contact: Her Veterinary Science instructor from last year! Kelsey participated in Education for Employment’s vet program with instructor Noreen Heikes, a veterinarian with Denney Veterinary Service in Vicksburg. “She texted me for info on how to get them through the weekend, cared for them and brought them in on Monday to show this year's class,” Noreen reports. “The babies are doing well, except that they do have some sort of congenital neurologic disorder that will prevent their ever surviving in nature. Kelsey is planning to contact the Nature Center to arrange for a permanent home for them.” Thank goodness these cuties found the right backyard -- and ended up in good hands!