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EFE Electronics & Robotics Students Gain Hands-On Training in Tomorrow’s Careers

Electronics & Robotics Circuit Board Education for Employment’s (EFE) Electronics and Robotics course is an exciting and hands-on environment where students can explore the intriguing world of emerging technical career fields such as alternative energies, robotics and automated systems, nanotechnology and so much more.

Designed to integrate programs which challenge and engage the mind, Electronics and Robotics provides a strong foundation to launch students into exciting engineering and other high-tech career opportunities.

Guided by Mr. Kenneth Briggs, the EFE students participate in several fun and challenging projects such as an autonomous innovative vehicle design challenge, creating an underwater remote operated vehicle, a robotic challenge, as well as assembling and wiring 3D printers.

However, Mr. Briggs has a grander intention for his students rather than their simply learning the basics of the field.

“I hope students leave this course with the skills and confidence that will give them a greater head start in college and upon entering the workforce,” explained Briggs. “But I also hope it helps them decide what type of careers they are interested in pursuing so that they can make informed decisions about their future.”

Here are just a few reviews from current Electronics and Robotics students:

“I like the experience of building robots and circuits, it’s a special kind of fun combined with learning,” said Hanan Alattar, a 12th-grade student at Kalamazoo Central High School.

“A great opportunity to try hands-on electrical work and train your logical thinking skills. There are many opportunities to express your creativity, or practice your ingenuity,” said Loy Norrix High School 10th-grade student David Myers.

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