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A New Start for Head Start

September 20, 2020

In response to COVID-19 and the inability to have face to face learning for the remaining 10 weeks of the program year, Kalamazoo RESA Head Start offered a virtual summer program using the virtual platform of SeeSaw. 

First Day

SeeSaw is a remote learning platform that allows students to show their learning by using its built-in tools, such as drawing a picture, using the microphone to verbally share, taking a picture of their work, or even creating a video to post. Teachers are then able to comment on their work by leaving a text or audio comment, and track student progress by assigning a skill to the activities. 

The goal of our virtual summer program was to support our top learning priorities by having activities each day in the areas of literacy, numeracy, gross motor (physical) and social-emotional learning.

Teachers and families who participated in the program have enjoyed the additional opportunities for learning at home, and interaction with other students and staff.

The program will continue to use SeeSaw for the 2020 – 2021 program year during face to face learning (Phases 4 – 6), for families that have opted to have their children participate virtually, and in the event that we are required to have distance learning for all students (Phases 1 – 3) due to COVID-19.

In August and September, Head Start staff offered six Chat Time video calls with families to discuss topics like safety and address questions. These interactive calls allowed parents and guardians to reduce uncertainty and gain more peace of mind.

Before the start of the school year, program staff worked tirelessly to prepare classrooms, buses, and buildings, to ensure we were able to receive children safely and maintain everyone’s health. We will continue to monitor health symptoms and update safety protocols as needed.

Thank you to our amazing families for monitoring symptoms at home, completing the daily health affidavit for your child(ren), and staying in communication with your teacher and family advocate. Please continue to as the year unfolds.

Thank you to our families for engaging with your child(ren) in remote learning! Please log in each day to the Student SeeSaw application to complete individual lessons/activities and participate in the daily live video lessons.

We look forward to a dynamic program year that will most likely be full of changes, but we will continue to work together to ensure the health and safety of everyone and inclusive educational excellence!