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Former EFA Student Thriving in Chicago Film School

Erin Sullivan has just finished her first semester at Columbia College Chicago where she is studying Filmmaking. Thanks to Education for the Arts (EFA) she is a step ahead of her fellow students.

Sullivan knew she wanted to go into filmmaking from a young age. It was after taking EFA Film & Media Arts class her junior year and being inspired by instructor Tom Ludwig that Sullivan realized she could make a career out of it. Her senior year she enrolled in the Advanced Multimedia Arts EFA. She gives Ludwig credit for preparing her for film school. His classes helped her develop skills that she is now using at Columbia College. 

“I think EFA is an extremely valuable program. I would have been very unprepared going into film school without it,” said Sullivan. “Moving forward in my career, I now have videos that I can put in my portfolio and experience working with different film equipment.”

Sullivan stood out from her EFA classmates. “Erin always came to class with fresh ideas and the motivation to try new things,” said Ludwig. “She is multi-talented in the arts and applies those talents in everything she creates. Her success beyond EFA is not surprising. She joins the many confident graduates of our program who have gone out into the world and carved out their place to make their voices heard.”

Sullivan graduated from Portage Northern High School in June of 2018.

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