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Charter communications announces new Spectrum Internet Assist program at Kalamazoo RESA

Kalamazoo RESA housed an event by Charter Communications to announce its new initiative, Spectrum Internet Assist, on Monday, November 28th.
The initiative will help supply low-cost, high speed broadband internet services to families with K-12 students who participate in the National School Lunch Program, as well as seniors who are 65 or older and receive Supplemental Security Income program benefits.
The launch event was well-attended by guests such as State Senator Margaret O’Brien, State Representatives Brandt Iden and David Maturen, Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell, Portage Mayor Pro-Tem Nasim Ansari, as well as Lynn Tuner, Congressman Fred Upton’s Community and Media liaison. Additionally, key staff members from the Michigan Public Service Commission, Connect Michigan, Kalamazoo Community Foundation, Kalamazoo Senior Citizen Advisory Board and Public Media Network were also in attendance, as well as educators and library representatives from across the area.
“Current instructional tools and practices such as the flipped classroom, virtual field trips, project based learning, and interactive e-text books all heavily rely on internet based content. Having an affordable internet connection in our student’s homes will allow learning to continue beyond the school walls,” said Brian Schupbach, director of technology and media services for Kalamazoo RESA.