• Bus Transportation Rebate

    EFA Bus Rebate
    Since 2003, EFA has provided bus transportation rebates to schools within the Kalamazoo RESA service area. The EFA Bus Transportation Rebate Program supports the participation of more than 20,000 students annually in professional, high-quality arts and cultural field trips offered by EFA and partnering arts organizations within Kalamazoo County.

    Rebate Program Eligibility

    • Participating schools are responsible for a flat rate of $25.00 per bus round-trip. The rebate program reimburses schools for the total cost of the trip minus the required $25.00 per bus contribution.
    • The rebate applies only to school bus transportation. It does not cover parking expenses or transportation via cars or other personal vehicles.
    • Eligible schools within the Kalamazoo RESA service area include public K-8, alternative education, and special education schools, as well as private K-8 schools that opt to participate in EFA programs. It does not apply to students in grades 9-12 enrolled in traditional high school settings.

    Rebate Form and Instructions

    • Print/Download an EFA Bus Rebate Form with additional instructions on how to apply. Be sure to use the current year's form.
    • Remember to pay your transportation invoice in full upon receipt. EFA provides a rebate and will not pay transportation invoices directly.
    • After an eligible field trip, submit a completed rebate form and a copy of your bus transportation invoice. Submit one request for each event.
    • Rebate requests must be received by EFA no later than Friday, June 3, 2022. Late requests cannot be reimbursed.
    • Rebates will be paid at the end of the school year (June 2022).
    • Checks will be issued directly to school districts rather than to individual schools, except for private schools or when a PTO needs to be reimbursed.

    Bus Scheduling

    Remember to make arrangements for your buses with your own district transportation department. EFA does not schedule or provide transportation.


    Call Tanisha Gonzalez at (269) 250-9329.

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