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    • If you need assistance, please call the help desk at 269.250.9270

    Financial Accounting System Notes:
    Notes 01-18-2016
    Financial Accounting System Application Update:
    Update 03-06-2017

    Update Procedures

    • Step 1: Click on the update link to the left to download the update file. The update file is in the format of AAupdate_yyyymmdd.exe, where AA is the application (HR, FA or SI), and yyyymmdd is the date the update was created.
    • Step 2: Save the update file to an empty folder on a network or local hard drive. (You may want to choose a particular folder such as C:\updates to always store update files. Our new naming structure will make it convenient to maintain previous updates in compressed form this way.)
    • Step 3: Use My Computer to select the folder containing the update file and double-click on the icon for the update file to decompress. When the Installation Files Setup Wizard appears click Next. Either browse or type in the name of where you would like to save the decompressed files and click Next. Click Install and the box will appear to allow you to select the drive to install the update to. Click the Install now button to install the complete update.
      If you would like to install the update at a later time click Install Later and enter the date and time for the auto installation.

    Installation Tips

    • The setup program looks for the first network drive that has the kresa.exe file on it and presents that as the initial choice for installation drive. If that file is not found on the network, then the C drive will be indicated.
    • The setup program will warn you if it does not find kresa.exe, or the HR,FA or SIS application on the drive that you attempt to install to. This can be ignored in the case of a new install, or if those files were deleted or damaged.
    • The setup program will ensure that it can get exclusive access to the kresa.exe and the HR, FA or SIS application before continuing. This is to ensure other users are not using any MiCase Information Systems software on the network drive where you are installing an update.
    • The setup program relies on registering three .dll files with the Windows system. In order to register these, a file call regsvr32.exe must be found in the Windows search path. If this program is not found, you will receive errors when running setup.exe and the installation will not proceed correctly.
    • If an update does not complete properly, and you are unable to start the system, the access control entries to disable logins and to have users get off now may be set. Using My Computer, navigate to the Foxrun folder on the drive that has the MiCase system. Locate the icon for AC.EXE and double click on it. Make sure that the check boxes for Get Off Now and Disable Login are unchecked and click on the Close button. Note: You may also want to clear the Data Drive field and make sure the path contains "\foxrun" if you continue to experience problems.

    Updates on this system are for the sole use of MiCase customers.