• The Four Areas of Transition
    triangle   Activities and skills necessary to develop work related behaviors and abilities needed to obtain/keep a job.
    triangle   Examples include: career exploration, work experience, job applications, interview skills, resume building, job search, and employability skills.

    Post-Secondary Education
    triangle   Activities and skills related to instruction or learning situations either in high school or preparing for post-graduation.
    triangle   Examples include: college visits, MCTI tours, financial aid information, classes, internships, and post-secondary programs.

    Adult Living
    triangle   Activities and skills related to actions done occasionally or on a regular basis in an adults life.
    triangle   Examples include: learning about buying/renting a home, registering to vote, budgeting, preparing meals, taking care of a home, making appointments and obtaining a state ID.
    Community Participation
    triangle   Activities and skills related to developing interests outside of the school that prepare a student to be a part of the community.
    triangle   Examples include: recreation, transportation/mobility training, ordering at a restaurant, telephone skills, safety, and asking for assistance.