• Automobile Skills Testing

    Skills Test Study Guide
    Information about residency verification and the skills test from the Secretary of State office. Download using the link below.

    Kalamazoo RESA located at 1819 East Milham, Portage MI 49002 at the pole barn on the north end of the property.
    Typically, the examiner's road test is scheduled 3-6 weeks in advance. To schedule an appointment contact David Rank by text to 269-491-1805. He will reply as soon as possible. Appointments often include Tuesday afternoon and weekend mornings.
    Road tests are by appointment and you must provide the vehicle for the road test. We do not offer rental vehicles. Mr. Rank, the examiner, instructs drivers education with EZ Way and cannot test clients that he has provided "behind the wheel" training. 
    Kalamazoo RESA charges $50.00 for the automobile skills test appointment. Until further notice credit and debit card services will NOT be available. The $50.00 fee must be paid a minimum of 3 business days prior to your appointment. Fees are non-refundable unless canceling a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your appointment. Fees can be mailed or paid in person at the Kalamazoo RESA Service Center attn: Road Test 1819 East Milham Ave Portage MI 49002 Monday - Thursday 7:30-4:15, Friday 7:30-3:15  as a check, money order, or the exact $50.00 cash payment

    It is your responsibility to come prepared for the test. Please read the following information.
    • Late arrival to your appointment can result in a loss of fees and forfeit of your appointment.
    • No refund is available if the documents or vehicle do not meet state requirements. You can reschedule a second appointment for an additional $40.00.
    • Clients that fail to meet the State of Michigan standards (parking or driving) and want an additional appointment will be charged the full $50 fee.
    • You must cancel a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment for a full credit toward a future appointment. Text David at 269-491-1805 and identify the client's name and your need to cancel.
    • The road test generally takes 60 minutes to complete. Examiners will contact you by phone if your appointment is canceled due to poor weather conditions. 

    All applicants must bring the following:

    • A vehicle with current proof of insurance and registration.
    • A vehicle that is in safe working order. The test vehicle should be one you are familiar with and used during your practice sessions. The examiner may stop the test for equipment defects if the defects are specifically prohibited by law, or if the condition of the vehicle would endanger the safety of its occupants. 
    • Dealer & Rental vehicles. "Dealer" plate must be accompanied with written permission in the dealer letterhead that specifically lists the name of the applicant that may use the vehicle for the test. Rental vehicle- bring the rental agreement along with the current registration and proof of insurance.

    Some of the equipment that will be checked at your appointment includes:

    Brakes Safety belt(s)
    Exhaust system (muffler) Speedometer
    Horn Springs
    Washers Mirrors
    Wipers Windshield
    Tires Lug nuts (missing or loose)
    Exterior lights - low beams, taillights, brakes, turn signals for all vehicles. In addition, the center brake light for vehicles manufactured after 1986.  


    Under age 18 and have completed Segment One and Segment Two courses, you must:

    • Bring a parent or legal guardian during the road skills test. No additional passengers are permitted.
    • Bring your validated Level 1 Michigan Driver’s License dated at minimum 180 days.
    • Bring your Segment 2 Driver's Education course Certificate of Completion.
    • Effective 9/15/2016 Bring the driving log provided in Segment One and Segment Two instruction indicating 50 hours of driving (10 hours at night).
    • Bring a vehicle which has a back seat with functioning seat belts for the parent/guardian safety.
    • Bring photo identification if available.

    Age 18 or older and have not previously been licensed in Michigan or any other state or country, you must:

    • Practice driving on a TIP issued from the Secretary of State office for a minimum of 30 days (unless waived and stamped by the Secretary of State)
    • Bring photo identification if available. (ex. School, work or discount club identification)
    • Bring your valid Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP) and current proof of insurance and registration for your vehicle.
    • Only the examiner and applicant may ride in the vehicle during the exam (except for interpreters). Interpreters must bring their license with photo identification to the appointment.