• About Accounting/Finance
    High School Accounting
    This course provides students with basic record-keeping skills in small businesses. Using both manual and computerized methods, students start accounting systems, record business transactions for sole proprietorships and partnerships, and practice petty cash and payroll procedures.

    Students who enroll in the second year become proficient in computerized systems, advanced application, analysis and financial decision making. Competencies include departmentalized accounting procedures, completing payroll, budgeting, and financial analysis.

    NEW! College Accounting
    This college-level course is for the student who has a strong interest in the financial and managerial aspects of business and is committed to independently reading a college-level textbook and completing rigorous homework assignments. Students learn through an integrated approach how businesses plan for and evaluate their operating, financing, and investing decisions and how accounting systems gather and provide data to internal and external decision makers. Topics include an introduction to accounting, information systems, time value of money, merchandising firms, sales and receivables, fixed assets, debt, and equity. Other topics include statement of cash flows, financial ratios, cost-volume profit analysis, and variance analysis.