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    Synergy Student Information System (SIS) provides all the data and process management functionality you expect from a world-class SIS, while extending beyond traditional SIS boundaries to deliver greater value. As part of the enterprise-level Synergy Education Platform, Synergy SIS helps your district do more, saving time and money while helping to improve educational outcomes.

    Deep Functionality

    Synergy SIS offers the richest feature set in the industry to help you manage student data, improve accuracy, simplify and automate processes and increase productivity. Your data is entered once and available in real-time throughout Synergy Education Platform to maximize connectedness and simplify student information management from registration through graduation.

    TeacherVUE Portal With Robust Gradebook

    The TeacherVUE portal provides powerful classroom management and communication tools that make everyday tasks faster and easier for teachers, along with a powerful gradebook. The built-in TeacherVUE gradebook offers highly flexible grading options and built-in data analysis that help teachers track student progress, differentiate instruction, and provide effective, timely interventions to students who require extra support.