• Time & Attendance and Employee Portal


    Workforce Software Time and Attendance

    MiCase has been working with Workforce Software for use of a revised version of their Time & Attendance solution that is tailored to the MiCase HR/Payroll System.

    The benefits of using the Workforce Time and Attendance System with the MiCase HR/Payroll system include:
    • Decreased time (and cost) spent on data entry of employee timesheet data into the payroll system
    • Increased accuracy of payroll data as a result of eliminating data entry errors as well as eliminating incorrect reporting of time worked by employees – as a result of either unintentional errors or fraudulent activities.
    • Streamlined communication between employees and the business office regarding time off requests, available leave balances and other communications regarding work schedules
    • Vastly increased data analysis capabilities for use by management, to enable identification of attendance trends by employees, groups, weekdays, etc.

    Click here for a complete agreement form along with pricing for the Workforce Software Time and Attendance system.

    Contact Roger Wylan to begin using WorkForce Time & Attendance at your district.


    Employee Portal


    Since March 2009, the Employee Portal has been available to all Consortium Districts using the MiCase HR/Payroll Business System. The Portal enables employees to access their pay stubs anytime, day or night. A simple upload of data is done each pay period, and an email is sent with a link notifying the employee that new pay period data is available. Your payroll staff will save time and money with this easy-to-read, paperless system.

    Have you received questions from your employees about using direct deposit or online paystubs? The State of Michigan has a new law, effective December 21, 2010 that specifically responds to these subjects.

    Contact Roger Wylan with questions about using the Employee Portal at your district.