• About Cooperative Education
    Cooperative Education is a training program, which offers students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience. This program is designed for both students who are planning to continue their education and/or students who are planning to seek employment after graduation.
    While in this program the student will be employed in a coordinator-approved work setting; work 10-15 hours per week average in class-related, legal employment; receive release time from school, school credit, on-the-job training, and pay; and will be evaluated every marking period by his/her employer.
    The student will gain actual work experience that cannot be offered in the classroom, and which helps the student explore the world of work. The cooperative experience will be designed, monitored, and supervised by the school and employer so that each contributes to the student-learner’s education and his/her employability. The experience forms an integral part of each student-learner’s educational process and cannot simply be used for part-time work experience. The student’s placement will be monitored and the student will attend both school and work in accordance with the EFE co-op guidelines.
    Before officially registering for this class, students must complete a co-op application and be approved for the experience.