Steps for Participation

  • Kalamazoo County Early/Middle College (EMC)
    2022-2023 Steps to Participation


    1. Student completes online Early/Middle College (EMC) Application by March 4, 2022
      • The EMC Application will be open from January 17 until March 4, 2022.
      • The student’s counselor and teachers will receive emails to complete recommendations for the student.
    2. Student Completes the KVCC Application by March 11, 2022
      • The KVCC application is at Follow the on-line directions to create an account and apply.
      • Once the KVCC application has been submitted the student will receive an acceptance email and a letter in the mail within a week with a KVCC Valley number.Students should keep their Valley number in a safe place for future use.
      • Students need to email by March 18, 2022 to confirm they have received their letter from KVCC and provide their Valley number. Students should also provide their High School Counselor with their Valley number.
    3. Student Completes KVCC Placement Testing by March 25, 2022
      • KVCC has minimum college-level benchmarks that must be met for enrollment. There are also higher benchmarks that must be met for particular courses.  Students must meet the minimum benchmarks for the EMC courses needed in their program of study before they can move forward.
      • Students may be able to access the placement testing in their high school. Talk with your high school counseling office to see if this is available in your building.
      • Placement testing is available at KVCC by appointment in the testing centers. Students may call 488-4460 to schedule an appointment at the Texas Township Campus (Room 2210). Students may call 373-7836 to schedule an appointment at the Arcadia Campus (Anna Whitten Hall Room 211). You can find the hours and additional information at You can also schedule an appointment on the website once you have created your MyValley account.
        • Students who take the test at KVCC will need to bring the following to the session:
          • Valley ID number
          • Picture ID (driver’s license, school ID, or passport)
      • Students will be tested in three areas – Math, Reading and Writing. KVCC uses the Accuplacer assessment for the testing. There are no time limits on the tests, so students can focus on doing their best.
      • We encourage students to review practice questions beforehand to learn the format of the questions. Accuplacer information and test-taking study guides are available online at:
        • KVCC uses the Next-Generation Accuplacer placement exam. You will need to select this type when using the web-based study app.  You should choose the Learn as you Go option before you take the sample test. This will provide immediate feedback after each question is submitted and includes an explanation for the correct response.
      • Placement scores are provided the day you complete the tests. Scores should be scanned and emailed as an attachment to  Scores should also be given to the High School Counselor. EMC staff will help you to interpret the scores and discuss the next steps.
      • Placement scores are required to be on file with KVCC prior to attending orientation and registering for classes.
    4. School District Determines Student Eligibility for Participation by April 8, 2022
      • The local district determines if students qualify to be in the Early/Middle College based on their college readiness. Students must meet the KVCC minimum college-level benchmarks to participate.
    5. Student Meets with Counselor to Create a Tentative High School Schedule by April 8, 2022
      • Students should be enrolled in the College Success Strategies course in 10th grade at the high school.  This is a required course for all EMC students.
      • Students should be enrolled in CTE/EFA classes as needed for their EMC Program of Study.
      • Students should work with their Counselor to plan out Michigan Merit Curriculum graduation requirements needed for the next school year and how many KVCC classes can be scheduled for their EMC program of study.
      • It is very important this meeting takes place before students meet with KVCC Advising to schedule courses.
    6. 10th-grade students and parents attend an EMC Orientation Session on May 17 or May 26, 2022
      • There are two orientation sessions for EMC. 10th-grade students and parents must attend one of these sessions.
      • 9th-grade students can wait until 10th grade to participate or they may attend as both a 9th and 10th grader.
    7. Student meets with KVCC Advising and EMC Staff and plans out classes for Fall semester by June 3, 2022
      • 9th-grade students who will not be taking 10th-grade KVCC courses will not have an individual advising meeting. They will meet with the KVCC Advisor as a 10th-grade student when they begin scheduling courses.
      • This meeting takes place at the high school and students will be made aware of their scheduled time.
    8. Student registers for KVCC courses by June 3, 2022.
      • Students register for their courses during their meeting at the school with the KVCC Advisor and EMC Staff.
      • Students only register for classes approved by the KVCC Advisor, the EMC Coordinator and their high school.
    9. Students complete the KVCC Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) form by June 3, 2022
      • This form must be completed each semester for students taking KVCC courses.  It is usually completed during the advising meeting at the school after registering for classes.
      • The form is available at the school Counseling Office or on the KVCC website at
      • Students must complete the form and return it to the High School Counselor and EMC Coordinator.  The high school submits the form to KVCC to ensure the school district is billed for the courses instead of the student.
    10. Students attend the EMC Kickoff event at KVCC on August 16, 2022
      • The EMC Kickoff event is mandatory for current 10th grade EMC students who will be in 11th grade in the 2022-2023 school year.  More details will be provided prior to the event.
      • Students will explore KVCC’s campus, meet their EMC Mentor, hear from older students in the program, get to know students from other schools in their EMC cohort, hear tips for success in the program, and lots more.
    11. Students obtain their KVCC Student ID Card
      • ID cards are available 10 days before the semester begins.  Students will get their ID card as part of the Kickoff event.  Students can also visit the KVCC Student Service Center near the Bookstore to get their ID card.
      • Students taking classes at Arcadia Commons Campus need ID card for parking validation and door access.
    12. Students obtain textbooks needed for KVCC Fall courses
      • Students should follow their school district’s textbook guidelines for EMC. Most of the districts in our program use a reimbursement process. Reimbursement only occurs if money remains in the students’ allocated amount after tuition and fees have been paid. More textbook information will be shared at the Kickoff event.
    13. Students check KVCC email on a regular basis
      • KVCC uses their student email addresses to communicate. Be sure you are checking this regularly.
      • Students can check their email through their My Valley portal located at
    14. Students begin KVCC Fall Courses on September 7, 2022   -   Have a Wonderful Semester!