• FMCSA DOT Testing

    Kalamazoo RESA offers DOT drug and alcohol testing program to a consortium of schools in Branch, Calhoun, Kalamazoo, and St. Joseph Counties.

    Step 1: A school would first submit a registration to enroll a driver. You will find the enrollment form "HERE". Save the form to your computer and rename it. Supply the school information and save. Simply print the form for the new driver to complete their 9 digit social security number and signature. Scan and email the completed registration to kelly.edra@kresa.org before the driver leaves for the collection site.

    A sample CCF required information is available HERE

    Step 2: Provide a Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form to the driver to take to the collection site with the following categories marked:

    C: Driver must record their driver number in your presence. This step is essential to avoid errors at the collection site.

    D: FMCSA

    E: Reason. (Mark one)  Pre-employment- random- post-accident- follow up


    Step 3: The collection facility will ask the driver for the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form and view the driver's license number to verify identification. They collect the specimen and forward it to the lab. The lab will forward the results using the donor number to the Medical Review Officer. The Medical Review Officer will notify Disa of the results, and Disa will notify KRESA of the results. Your Transportation Supervisor will be notified by email immediately of the results for pre-employment, post-accident, and follow-up. Random results are reported at the conclusion of the quarter by confidential mailing. Failing to use the 9 digit donor number will create multiple delays and errors which will greatly delay posting the results.

    Overview: KRESA will mail you the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form and a sealed envelope with the random and alternate driver names near the beginning of the quarter. Disa selected the quarterly random list and a list of alternate drivers if the random driver is not available for the entire quarter. The alternate drivers must be taken in the order they appear on the alternate list. Current FMCSA DOT standards require 50% of the pool to be drug tested and 10% to be alcohol tested. Disa makes the selection for all required tests. Since alcohol is not an illegal substance unless driving a Commercial vehicle, a driver chosen to be both drug and alcohol testing must drive a commercial vehicle on the day of the testing. To receive the results prior to the conclusion of the quarter, we ask that you send the driver a minimum of 7 days before the quarter concludes. The quarters are January 1- March 31, April 1- June 30, July 1- September 30, and October 1- December 31.

    Please contact our office at kelly.edra@kresa.org if you have any questions.

    Collection Sites

    Ascension Battle Creek     2845 Capital Ave Sw Suite 206 Battle Creek
    Ascension Coldwater        375 N. Willowbrook Rd Coldwater
    Ascension Kalamazoo      1521 Gull Rd 4 Center Suite 430 Kalamazoo
    Ascension Portage            7901 Angling Rd Portage
    Bronson Pro Health          265 Fremont Battle Creek
    I- Med Occup Medicine     16587 Enterprise Dr Three Rivers
    Prompt Care                    892 East Chicago Coldwater
    TestSource Lab                3414 Lover's Lane Kalamazoo
    Woodbridge Occp Health  7901 Angling Rd Portage (lower level)


     Post Accident FMCSA Decision Tree will guide you as to when a driver involved in a post-accident needs to be drug and alcohol tested. You can view or print Decision Tree "Here"