• HR Employee Payroll Module

    The Payroll Employee Records Module maintains records of employee’s gross pay, benefits, deductions, and direct to net payments. Gross pay may be handled by a primary contract, one or more additional contracts and/or entries for a single payroll – for example employees who use a timecard. Gross pay may be paid on various schedules (biweekly, monthly, etc.), and frequencies (first payroll of the month, second, first and second, etc.) and may be charged to general ledger accounts as required for complete site-based accounting.

    The system considers benefits as employment costs not included in employee gross pay. For example, the employer paid matching FICA, employer contribution to retirement plans and insurance subsidies. As with gross pay, the benefits can be set up on various schedules and frequencies. The system also enables automatic distribution of benefit costs to the general ledger, using table-driven rules based on the gross pay associated with the benefit.
    HR Rmployee Payroll