• MiCase Purpose


    The collaborative pursuit of information system excellence.


    To facilitate the use of information to the strategic advantage of the districts we serve in support of their educational goals.

    Why MiCase?
    There has never been a time that has been more chaotic or demanding for our public schools than the present. Schools are being required to produce improved results with fewer resources. In order to successfully rise to this challenge, schools need reliable, well-supported information systems to create operational efficiencies and to provide valuable information for data-driven decision making. As a result of limited resources, most school districts find it a challenge to maintain and improve their information systems. Further, duplicate information is being entered in multiple software applications which leads to increased cost, complexity, and inaccuracy.

    How does MiCase help schools?
    MiCase serves the role of Information Systems department for more than 70 ISDs, public school districts and private schools in Michigan. We focus on providing high-quality, affordable information systems solutions combined with knowledgeable and accessible staff in order to best meet the needs of the schools that we serve. Information system integration is a key component of MiCase as we work to ensure that systems are talking to each other for increased data accuracy and reduced data entry effort. MiCase works proactively to meet the needs of its districts and facilitates a consolidated services approach. Using a continuous improvement model, the consortium ensures that systems are reliable and effective. Finally, we work together with our members in order to leverage the collective expertise of our member ISDs and local districts. We are MiCase!