• Law Enforcement
    Human Services Pathway
    This unique program features a Kalamazoo Public Safety officer as the instructor and also includes numerous Public Safety Professionals as guest speakers from throughout the field including local, state, county and federal officials.
    Law Enforcement I introduces students to the many different careers available within the field.  The program emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and ethics needed to be a successful police/fire academy recruit.  Areas of study include criminal law, patrol procedures, fire ground operations, first aid/CPR/AED certifications, defensive tactics, crime scene investigation, and oral & written communication skills.  The program follows MCOLES and police academy standards, as well as current college curriculum.
    Law Enforcement II deepens students’ understanding of criminal procedures and improves their written and oral communication skills. Eligible students will intern with local public safety agencies during second semester, where they will apply the knowledge, skills, and ethics learned to real world situations. 
    * Partnered with Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.