• Aviation Technology
    Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology Pathway
    Students in this course are dually enrolled and have the opportunity to earn college credit through Kellogg Community College (KCC) in addition to high school credit.  The KCC aviation coursework is part of a bridge agreement with Western Michigan University, College of Aviation and is delivered as on-line courses.  Wrap-around instruction is provided by EFE to insure student success at the college level.
    This program is designed to introduce students to every aspect of the aviation industry and is intended for students with an interest in pursuing any career related to aviation.  Students will develop a broad knowledge base in subject areas ranging from evolution of airplanes and commercial aviation, flight operations, weather, airspace, navigation, regulations, and aircraft systems.  Students have the 
    opportunity to interact with industry experts and visit leaders in the field of aviation for career exploration.  The program will feature many hands-on labs culminating in a competition using hovercrafts the students build together.
    Students may take this course for two years.