Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency

Celebrating 20 Years Online 1996-2016

The goal of this publication is to share information, community resources
and topics that are important for the transition from school to life beyond. The
hope is that we can provide insight and opportunities to benefit students,
families and school staff.

   Topics include: Transition Basics & Disability Network

   Topics include: Self Advocacy & Community Mental Health 

   Topics include: Differences Between High School and College & KVCC


   Topics include: Housing Options & Transition Surveys 


   Topics include: Employment & MRS 


   Topics Include: Guardianship/Alternatives to Guardianship & Community Advocates  

Transition Touch Points - 7th Edition 

   Topics Include: Self-Determination & Peer Mentoring through Community Mental Health

Transition Touch Points - 8th Edition

   Topics Include: Success Stories & KRESA Transition Services

Transition Touch Points - 9th Edition 

   Topics Include: Recreation Opportunities & Kalamazoo Metro Transit

   Topics Include: MCEC Scholarship Opportunity & Parenting Adults Towards Independence (PATI)
   Topics Include: Lunchtime Transition Webinar Series through Michigan Alliance for Families
   Topics Include: Transition in Kalamazoo Community Conversation & Parent to Parent of Southwest Michigan
   Topics Include: Transition Acronyms & Obtaining a State ID 
   Topics Include: Life Skills for ALL Young Adults & Transition Coordinators 
   Topics include: Transition Needs Survey & WMU Disability Services 
   Topics include: Job Preparation Outcomes Matrix & Transition Needs Survey