• History


    Guiding Principles

    The MiCase Consortium was created with the following guiding principles in mind:
    • We desire to maximize the value of the funds that districts put toward information systems
    • We desire to maintain uniformity with other districts and with requirements from the state and federal levels
    • We desire to achieve a system that is user friendly and easily accessible via the Internet
    • We desire to have a level of control over development of new features
    • We believe that the highest priority is to develop functionality that will most reduce the level of effort required and maximize the results from the effort invested
    • We believe that support for information systems is best provided locally by a district’s parent ISD rather than from an entity further away
    • We believe that in working together we can achieve more than each of us might working separately
    • We desire to reduce the use of paper as much as possible in order to save on the cost of paper, printing and the labor involved with handling it
    • We desire to make information accessible to everyone that can benefit from it including administration, staff, teachers, students, parents, appropriate governmental agencies and other selected partners

    Information Systems Software


    MiCase provides Financial Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll and Student Information software systems. Current development is in the area of web-based solutions, with a SQL database. Development is currently centered at Kalamazoo RESA and managed by an Executive Director. Support for consortium applications is provided by staff at Kalamazoo RESA. Contact our staff for support:

    MiCase Staff